Custom motorcycle seat program

73 Cycle Products custom motorcycle seat program offers the most options to customize your seat for comfort and style. A professionally trained seat builder will gladly work with you to ease the process. So have some fun customizing your seat. If you want to keep posted on the best custom motorcycle seats , Please follow us on Facebook & Instagram to see the latest and the greatest seats. 

 Yamaha custom seat

Lets build your seat. Below is a basic step by step build procedure. 

Step 1 


Starting with the perfect seat pan base is key. Its imperative to make sure your pan fits your bike and works together with your foam to give you the most comfort. If your seat pan fits your well and you would like to start with it, feel free to ship it to 73 Cycle. If you have any questions we will gladly work with you. For some models we may even have a direct fit replacement pan that we can start from.   

 Motorcycle seat pan 

Step 2


This process is all about form and function. First we start by asking some important questions, height weight and riding style, we want the foam to fit you and make your ride more comfortable. This information let's us know what density foams to use and properly layer, also if gel or a comfort pack is required.  Once the function is out of the way we begin the tedious part of grinding and sanding. Now the fun part begins the form. this is the process of shaping the foam into a cool looking seat.. 

 seat foam

Step 3


With so many choices of types of materials we know this step can be over whelming, that is why dealing with a seat shop like 73 Cycle is so important. A custom seat designer will gladly work with you to decide what materials will work best for you. Working with 73 Cycle you will never feel left in the dark..  

 leather swatches

Step 4


Let the fun begin, 73 Cycles will wrap your seat with a factory look, and work with you to design a personalized seat with custom stitching. From flames and diamonds to tribal designs, vintage abstract artwork and more.



Vintage Motorcycle Seats

custom stitched motorcycle seats

Motorcycle seat comfort upgrades. Foam , gel, comfort pack

Custom Embroidered motorcycle seats

Exotic leather motorcycle seats