Gel VS Memory Foam

A common question we receive daily is Gel VS Memory Foam, what to choose and why.

What 90% of riders need is actually to have their seat foam sculpted to fit them and have specific foams layered to their riding style, height and weight. So why do people end up adding Gel or memory foam? If you have a stock seat cover and do not want to modify the foam so the cover still fits, many people will just remove some foam and add gel or memory foam, and then re-install the original cover. usually this only helps 20% of riders as its only a temporary band-aid.

Motorcycle Seat Orthopedic Gel

Motorcycle Orthopedic Gel will help for but burning and sore cheekbones however will not help with tailbone and inner leg pain. Tail Bone pain and inner leg pain is a sign that the rider is sitting more on those areas and needs more seating coverage to relieve the pain. Some cases call for removal of foam or replacing those areas with softer foam. 

The difference between Orthopedic gel and non-orthopedic gel products is quite noticeable. Ortho gel is firm and doesn't break down on long rides. Riders notice the firmness instantly however after long rides will notice the lack of sore cheek bones. Non-ortho gel is actually kind of gimmicky. Its soft and made to fool the rider into thinking softer is better. These gel's usually sag, heat up, hold the cold and really do not add any comfort value.

Memory Foam for motorcycle seats 

Memory Foam is its great for your mattress however shouldn't be used on a motorcycle. Many times a week we have to remove memory foam from seats that where installed by other seat shops .It is only usually good for a month or so. We believe due to the sun, the memory foam breaks down quickly. It usually shrinks and doesn't rebound and on many occasions will actually turn hard , crusty and chalky. 

We hope this helps. Please let us know your opinions. 

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